Thursday, September 29, 2011

Things I've done since my last post on May 9th


I went to Florida.  Again.  I am a lucky gal to have a best pal in such a great place!

I saw one of my favorite bands in concert (for the 2nd time) and...

I caught a pick (for the first time)!

K and I celebrated our one year anniversary!  Morton's is the ish.  Look at that cute menu!  Look at my improving Photoshop skills!

I sprained my ankle playing this game on the 4th of July.  Yes, It's KanJam.  I am very outdoorsy, coordinated, and athletic -  didn't you know?

I went to Myrtle Beach for the first time!  While there...

I climbed a rock wall.  All the way to the top!  (That's me to the right).  I was very proud of myself.

I drank a little bit of wine with some friends.

I visited NYC for the first time in 2 years.  2 years?!  How does time go by so quickly?  2 years is way too long for me to be away from my favorite city.  My friends and I did a lot of shopping...

and we may have visited the 230 Fifth rooftop bar and taken advantage of their complementary snuggies.

I also went to Vegas for the first time ever.  In fact, it was my first time being west of Texas.  LOVE it out there.  Mountains, desert, warmth... now I just need to get to California!

May have also been on a rooftop in Vegas, too.  What can I say, I like roofs!  Not roofies though.  Staying away from the roofies.

So now what?  No more trips for this year, which is disappointing.  I'm extremely lucky to have been to all of the places that I've gone, so no complaints here!

I'm glad I did this silly little picture post, because it's made me realize that this year hasn't been ALL bad.  I've had several health issues that have dampened my spirits a bit, but I'm still living and loving life!  That's all we can do, right?  Right.

Monday, May 9, 2011


When I was little, my dad taught me how to use his turntable.  I used to sit on the floor, listening to his old records for hours.  Among my favorites?

Anything by Chicago.  "25 or 6 to 4" is a favorite.  My all time favorite, however, is "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?"  This song will forever remind me of the countless drives I've taken to NYC.  It's been on every mix CD I've made for that drive across I-80... and I've made a lot of mixes over the years!

My dad's record collection took up a lot of space in the small computer room in my parent's house.  He moved the turntable and the records into their basement.  Sadly, all of his records warped from the moisture, and he threw them all away.  Whomp whomp.

One of my friends recently introduced me to Jerry's Record Store (here in Pittsburgh).  They have a mind blowing collection of new and used records... including a majority of albums that I grew up listening to.  I rescued my dad's old turntable from my parent's basement, bought a bunch of records, and I'm officially obsessed with vinyl again.  I love the way it sounds.  I also love the fact that you can't *easily* skip songs.  I'm such a song skipper with my iPod.  I could have musical ADD, if there was such a thing.

I'm not only finding my old school favorites... I've also found some modern albums that I never knew were released on vinyl.  I LOVED Blink-182 when I was in junior high school.  While I don't listen to them as often now, this album was way too cool to pass up.  The album cover is printed on both sides of the record!

If you know me even a little bit, you know that Weezer is my all time favorite band (I'm going to see them, live, later this month for the first time in 9 years! WOOT!).  I'm seriously dying to get my hands on a vinyl copy of Pinkerton. 

Looks like they have several up for grabs on eBay, though they're pretty expensive.  If anyone needs to buy me a present, you know what to get! (Hear that, K?!  *hint hint*).  

Thursday, March 10, 2011


If I could tell you just one thing about myself, it would be that I would do anything for my friends and family.  I'm often times loyal to a fault (read: I have a big mouth, and I'm not afraid to tell those who wrong them where they can go.  Oops). 

My friendships are not defined by the number of times I see someone in a day, a week, or even a month.  Some friends I see every day.  Some friends I see every week.  Some, I see when I vacation.  Others, I've never met in person.

I've never considered it odd to make friends online.  When I was in middle school and making websites on Geocities like a boss (RIP Geocities.  I miss you), I made some friends my age.  As an adult, I've met a multitude of wonderful women through various outlets, one of which being Weddingbee.  Of course, I've also made a bunch of friends through this blog, too.  Today, one of these friends needs some help.

Layla is a witty, kind, and overall awesome girl.  We "met" on Weddingbee, and have moved on to be Twitter/blog buddies.  She's going through a rough time right now, but the good news is - you can help!  Here's her story:

One month after her 30th birthday, Layla was diagnosed with early stage cervical cancer (1A Adenocarcinoma). She was extraordinarily lucky that it was caught early, and had a simple surgery to remove the cancerous cells.

Three years later, Layla was in horrible pain that affected nearly every aspect of her life. Temporarily uninsured due to a job change, she paid out of pocket last October to go to the doctor and make sure the cancer had not returned. Thankfully, it had not. However, her doctor believes that she has pelvic adhesions and Endometriosis due to the previous surgery, but it can’t be diagnosed until an additional surgery (laparoscopy) is performed. The doctor also found out Layla has cervical stenosis, which basically means her cervix has completely shut down due to the scar tissue from the previous surgery. These issues make her miserable most of the time, making simple things like going to the bathroom and menstruation horribly painful, and sexual intercourse impossible. He stated that if she wanted to have children one day, even sperm could not pass through her cervix, and she would have to have intrauterine insemination.

The doctor wanted to schedule surgery as soon as the insurance at her new job went into effect. Her company fired her the day her insurance became valid, ten days before Christmas, plainly stating that it was because of her health issues.

Fortunately, she got on her husband’s insurance, which went into effect February 1st. As soon as she could, Layla scheduled surgery for March 22nd. Then her insurance company dropped a bomb: because she went to the doctor (even as a self-pay patient) within a three month period prior to her enrollment date, they were considering her health issues to be a pre-existing condition, and would not insure any doctor visits, medication, or surgery for 388 days.

When you are in near constant pain and can’t work, 388 days is a long time to wait. The sooner Layla can have this surgery, the sooner she can return to work (hopefully with a nicer company!) and start living her life again. Her doctor has been nice enough to work out a deal with her if she can pay as a cash patient: he decreased the amount of her surgery to $4,000, and the cost of the anesthesia to $500, with additional fees for biopsies of removed tissue to be determined.

The problem is, Layla is unemployed due to this, has used her savings to pay for living expenses and medical bills, and has been denied loans for the surgery because of her unemployment status. She does not have close family, so she can’t ask them for help. Surgery is scheduled for March 22nd, and Layla and her husband are unable to secure a loan due to her unemployment.  She needs some help, and she needs it in 2 weeks.

So, how can you help?
  • Donate!  Use the button at the top right of this page, or click here.  We're collecting money through PayPal, so it's totally secure.  Any little bit will help us reach her goal of $4,000. 
  • Bid on sweet eBay deals!  Several of us are putting up some items on eBay, with the proceeds going to Operation Layla.  Need a used iPod Touch or a pretty Coach purse?  Stop on by and check 'em out. Nobody is really bidding on them yet... so you could score some cool stuff on the cheap, AND help out someone in need!
  • Eat Carbs! No really, we're organizing an online bake sale (drool) to raise some money for Operation Layla!  More details on that to come.  Why did I give up cookies for Lent?!  *Shakes tiny fist*
  • Follow Us! Follow the hash tag #OperationLayla on Twitter.  Let us know if you want to get involved in any way!
Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more updates!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Surrender.

Heeey guys.  I'm back!  It's been a long hiatus, but I promise I have an excuse.  No, I wasn't mourning the loss of the Steelers, nor did I go into hiding.

Ok,  maybe a little bit of hiding.  That game sucked.

Truth is... I've been sick.  At the risk of over sharing, I figured I'd tell you guys what happened.  

This post is pretty detailed and not sunshine and rainbows.  Just a warning.  If you're grossed out when people describe health related crap, skip this post and go here instead.  Also, I'm not in the health field.  I'm not a doctor, and any commentary I give on my experiences should not be taken as medical advice, blah blah blah.  So, here it goes.

It started with vertigo.  If you've never had vertigo, be thankful.  It's miserable, to say the least.  My vertigo was caused by an inner ear virus.  You know how after you've had a few too many beverages, and you stumble around your kitchen looking for some water at the end of the night (not that I've ever done that)?  That stumbling can't-get-your-balance sensation is what vertigo feels like.  Every time I would move my head EVERYTHING would spin.  Fortunately, I'm not prone to motion sickness.  I stomach spinning rides and balance issues pretty well, and I'm VERY thankful for that, because otherwise it would have been 398439 times worse.

The vertigo lasted 2 weeks, and ended shortly after I had my wisdom teeth removed.  That surgery was nothing.  However, after the surgery is where my problems started.

The staff at the surgeon's office recommended I take multiple doses of Motrin to relieve any pain, rather than relying on the narcotic pain pills they prescribed as a backup.  They told me to take 4 Motrin every 4-6 hours, depending on the pain.  Well, I did that for a few days and BAM.  Stomach ulcer.

My doctor put me on Prilosec.  A few pills later, and my ulcer was in check.  Ok, great.  I continued taking the antibiotic the surgeon's office had also prescribed as a preventative measure.  I mean, I had open wounds in my mouth.  Made sense to me.  

Well, it so happened the antibiotic they prescribed was Cylindamycin.  Ever heard of it?

A warning on Cylindamycin from the National Institute of Health:
"....may cause a life-threatening condition called colitis (inflammation of the large intestine). Clindamycin is more likely to cause this type of infection than many other antibiotics, so it should only be used to treat serious infections that cannot be treated by other antibiotics."
Hmm.  Erm, so what do you think happened?

Once the antibiotic killed off all of the "good" bacteria in my intestines, a bacterium called Clostridium Difficile took over.  I had developed a "C-diff" infection.  I'm not going to post about the specifics of what this infection causes, but you can read all about it here.  It obviously caused colitis, as well as all the horrible side effects that you'll read about if you Google "C-diff."

C-diff is becoming more and more prevalent.  It is typically known as a nosocomial infection, and often picked up by people (usually the elderly) from long stays in the hospital.  It's antibiotic resistant (yes, they treat an infection caused by antibiotics with more antibiotics. Whatever.), and hard to cure.  I managed to get it as a healthy 25 year old, as a result of taking an antibiotic.

Combine the (what I believe to be) unnecessary prescription of Clindamycin from the oral surgeon, AND the Prilosec (which is believed to also be linked to C-diff), and I was le screwed.

My doctor treated me for it.  It went away.

It came back a week after I finished my medicine. When it came back, it was three times worse.  I had a fever.  I was weak.  I missed work for 2 days.  They put me on a different antibiotic.

In the middle of my treatment, it came back.  This time, it put me in the hospital.

The colitis was causing severe pain.  My symptoms were back.  I was sick, sick, sick.   They had me on a clear liquid diet.  The picture above was my breakfast for the first day.  Clear broth, jello and apple juice.  Gross.

I went to the hospital late Tuesday night.  They released me on Friday.  I'm doing better, and glad to be away from my dancing partner, R2D2.

Dear God, do I hate these damn pumps.  I've never stayed in the hospital as a patient before.  I've never had the joy of having an IV, either.  But man, was this machine annoying!  Not only would it beep and scream for NO reason, it just made sleeping and moving pretty miserable.

I'm now on MORE medicine for a longer period of time, and I'm really hoping the third time is a charm.

I'm tired, to say the least.  I'm tired of being sick.  I very rarely get sick, so this string of bad luck has me pretty down in the dumps.  Suffice to say, it's also made me unwilling to post on here.  I'm hoping to get back to normal soon, and enjoy our upcoming trip to Florida!

Congrats to you for making it through this post!  I'll have some cheerful stuff coming in the next week, including good times at the Lady Gaga concert.  Side note: a special thanks to my Twitter pals for keeping me company at the hospital (through Twitter, of course), when K was at work.  You guys gave me something to do at the hospital other than watch countless hours of reality TV.  So, thanks!

Have a good weekend, all!

Friday, February 4, 2011

In case you didn't know...

I'm a huge Steelers fan.

If you're friends with me on Twitter, you already know this. Why am I such a huge fan of a football team?

This is a bar in Florida, believe it or not.

Pittsburgh has a lot of heart. We're not a huge city, a glamorous city, or even a huge tourist destination. Pittsburgh has charm though, and it's home. I've lived here for 15+ years, and just recently, I've started to notice how much I really regard it as "home."

Last super bowl parade... this garage was obvi. a popular spot.
I miss Pittsburgh when I'm away. I'm proud to live here. I hate the weather, but hey, you can't have it all. Unless you live in Hawaii. Then, I'm jealous.

In my mind, the Steelers represent Pittsburgh. When I cheer for the black and gold (or black and yellow - holy crap, Wiz Khalifa caused quite the debate), I'm cheering for our city! I'm also cheering because I love football. I think it's a requirement to love football in this city.

So, this weekend, I'll be cheering for my city and our awesome football team. Go Steelers! Go Pittsburgh! Bring home lucky number 7!

Who are you cheering for?

Monday, January 31, 2011

Not Without Coups, Baby

Have you guys ever seen this show?

Seriously, how is that even possible?!  I was getting a big FAIL in coupon cutting.  I used to clip coupons, but I usually ended up throwing them away.

While I don't even understand how the people on this show are able to combine SO MANY coupons in one order... it does prove how lucrative clipping coupons can be.

Recently, I started really getting into the whole coupon clipping thing, in order to save some money on our grocery bill.  I read the grocery store/Target ads and see what the weekly specials are.  Then, I go through all the clipped coupons to see what kinda stuff I can score for cheap (or free!).

For instance, I had a coupon for $.75 off Crest toothpaste.  I saw my local grocery store was selling them -  2 for $3.  My grocery store doubles coupons under $1. $1.50 - ($.75 x 2) = BOOM.  Free toothpaste.

I've been doing pretty well lately.  I got 2 things of Dove deodorant for $.45 a piece.  I bought organic milk chugs for $.25 a piece.  Tuna salad kits for $.50.  The list goes on.

One way I'm able to get some pretty valuable coupons is through the use of and If you install the coupon printer, you can print out some legitimate coupons that'll save you a ton.  Make sure your grocery store takes them though - some places won't take anything that is printed off the internet.  Hasn't been a problem for me at my store or Target.

The other way I'm staying on top of the deals is this sweet website: Hip2Save

It's run by a deal loving mom - and she always has hints on the best places to score stuff for free, including the stores where your coupons can go far, or free giveaways online.  She updates multiple times a day, so I tend to read it whenever I get the chance!   Definitely check it out.

Do you guys clip coupons?  My co-worker says clipping coupons is only for people over the age of 40.  Disagree!  I love saving money.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Saving $$$

I'm on a saving kick.  If we ever want to get out of our townhouse and into a single family home, we need to save for a decent down payment.   Don't get me wrong, I really like our townhouse, but we already need more space.  I'm also sick of dealing with people who insist on parking in our spots.  Jerks.

So, in the spirit of saving money, we traded in both of our cars and bought one car.  To make a long story short, K has a company car, so he really has little need for a car of his own.  My car had a ton of miles on it because of my ridiculous commute to college (50 miles each way - twice a week for 2 years.  Barf).  Downsizing to one car reduced our monthly car payment and our insurance.  It feels good to save... but it feels even better to drive a new car!  I like new things.  Especially when they save us money.

We ended up with a 2011 Nissan Rogue.  I've always loved this SUV, ever since my BFF in Florida bought one 3 years ago.  It has a lot of room, but it's a crossover, so it rides like a car and it's not quite as large.  Bonus: Nissan is running a 0% financing promotion right now.  That's the main reason we went with this SUV, as opposed to the Hyundai Tucson, which I also really liked.  You can't beat 0% !  Sorry, Hyundai.

In the spirit of saving and spending wisely, I've also signed up with Mint.   Mint monitors your spending and budgeting through your online banking and credit card accounts.  It also keeps track of your loans and retirement accounts.  Mint will use your account information to tell you when you've exceeded your budget, when your bills are due, and how to meet your financial goals.  It's free and easy to use.  I swear I'm not being paid to endorse Mint, I just really like it.  Although, if Mint wants to throw a check my way, I'm not going to say no.

Have you guys ever used a website or program like Mint to monitor your spending habits?  It's pretty eye opening!  For one, we spend WAY too much money on food.  We need to stop buying lunches and being lazy about dinner.  My waistline would appreciate the effort as well.

Friday, January 14, 2011

I survived!

Well, if you've been following me on Twitter and reading a few of my blog posts, you'll know I was DREADING today. This morning, I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed (2 impacted on bottom, 2 down and ready to party on top).

I've never been "put under" before. That was my main concern. Forget the pain, forget the limited diet... I was just afraid of the sedation. I'm 25 years old, and definitely should have had these bad boys removed when I was in high school. Since I waited, they told me the roots were long and close to the nerves. That could possibly complicate things. I wasn't scared of the pain, but I was leery of the possibility of nerve damage.

I did really well last night and this morning. In true Type-A fashion, I prepared a bed for myself on the couch, and laid out comfy clothes. When I woke up this morning, I wasn't that nervous.

...I wasn't that nervous until they called my name to go back. Tears immediately. I'm a wuss like that. They hooked me up to a heart and oxygen monitor, and started a saline IV. I was flipping the heck out. So nervous, that when they hooked up the heart monitor, I was at 157 BPM! My heart rate is naturally high, but obviously not that high. Holy eff. I kept apologizing and trying to hold back tears.

Before I knew it, the doctor was in the room and putting the sedative stuff into my IV (im very technical, obvi). He told me not to be scared, that he's been put under plenty of times, and this kind of twilight sleep was the "only way to fly." When he said that, I remembered how freaked out I used to be about flying. I managed to conquer that fear, so maybe this wouldn't be any different?

The last thing I remember is the room starting to feel like it was moving. Then I was out. I remember groaning about it hurting at one point when they were working on me, but then they must have upped the numbing agent, because I was out again. I woke up again at the end of my surgery and remember them working and talking. No pain though. I fell back asleep.

When I woke up once they were done... I felt great! Like really great. I'm pretty sure I said "This stuff is amazing" at least twice to the nurse. I couldn't stop laughing and grinning. K helped me to the car, and I left 2 messages just screaming "PARRP" and laughing hysterically on two of my friends' voicemails. If you haven't read this post from Hyperbole and a Half, you are seriously missing out.

So here's a pic, 3 hours after surgery. Be careful, NO MAKEUP. Whatever, I don't mind embarrassing myself online (see below vlog post for proof).

Ew, i know. Honestly, not much swelling and zero bruising, probably because that place is amazing, and I drank a ton of pineapple juice. I read online that it reduces swelling. I believe everything I read online, so yeah.

I have company today too; the cats have been laying with me. K also took off from work to take care of me. Glad, because I would have been lonely!

So, that's my story. You guys were totally right, no reason to be worried at all! Talked to the doctor tonight, and he said I can eat solid food as long as it's soft. Chinese food, here I come!

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vlog Fun!

Ok... so, I'm totally jumping on the "dialect vlog" train, as several of my favorite bloggers have already posted theirs!  The idea is for me to read words and answer questions so you can hear how I speak.  I'm from Pittsburgh and I've lived here for 15+ years, but I don't think I have much of a Burgh/Yinzer accent.  You can be the judge of that!

Please don't judge me.   A little judging is OK, just not too much.  I have a head cold (dizzy when I move my head, ew), and I look pale as the walls in this computer room.  Oh well.  It was fun to do anyways!  The cats and I wanted to say heeey so here we are:

There you have it!  Did you suffer through the whole thing?  I'm proud of you.

The words to read are:  Aunt, Route, Wash, Oil, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, Crayon, Toilet, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting image, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajamas, Caught.

Questions I answered:
  • What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
  • What is the bug that when you touch it, it curls into a ball?
  • What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?
  • What do you call gym shoes?
  • What do you say to address a group of people?
  • What do you call the kind of spider that has an oval-shaped body and extremely long legs?
  • What do you call your grandparents?
  • What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
  • What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?
  • What is the thing you change the TV channel with?
So, now it's your turn!  Yes, you!  Join in on the embarrassment fun. Look at it this way, you're probably going to be less awkward and surrounded by less cats than me.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A little Q&A

Michelle at Life With A Crazy Pup has tagged me as a blog she reads, and has asked me to answer some questions!  I will be returning the favor at the end of this post, so if I tag you, try and answer my questions so I don't feel like a reject.  K?  K. 

1. What’s your biggest goal for 2011? 
Answer:  I'd like to eat healthier.  I've been loading up on the junk food lately, and I've gained 6 pounds since the wedding.  Yeah, yeah, not saying I'm huge or anything, but I don't like the extra weight.  I notice it, especially when trying to fit into my skinny jeans.  Damn holiday food.

2. What are three songs on your “get pumped up” list?

Answer: My "get pumped up" list always changes.  Right now, I'm kind of ashamed of it.  Mainly because Ke$ha's "We Are Who We Are" is on it.  Gah, I can't help it.  It's so catchy!!  I also really like Firework by Katy Perry and  Only Girl in the World by Rihanna. 

3. Do you prefer a night out at a bar or a night in with friends?

Answer: Definitely a night in with friends.  Nothing better than having people over/going over to a friend's house, having some wine/beer... in a setting where I can actually hear/talk to my friends, not get hit on by creepers, and not pay $5 for a Miller Lite.  I'm getting old, I guess!
4. How much time on average do you spend blogging per day?

Answer: I read blogs almost every day, but actually writing posts?  Maybe an hour or two on the days I feel like blogging.   I spend a lot of time reading blogs (and comments) during the day. 

5. If you could live in any time period, what would it be?

Answer: I'd live in the 80's again... but this time as an adult! 
6. If you could drop everything and start over, what would you change?

Answer: Oh man.  Honestly, I probably wouldn't change anything.  In my opinion, life is about learning and experiences.  As much as I look back and cringe about certain times in my life - all of my experiences, good and bad, have made me who I am today.  If I haddd to choose, I'd probably try not to be so awkward as a child.  That'd be tough, considering I'm still pretty awkward as an adult.

7. Would you rather have a personal chef or a personal trainer?

Answer: I immediately want to say personal chef, which probably means I'm going to need a personal trainer. 

8. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Answer: One of my biggest is the sound of plastic bags rubbing together.  When I have groceries in the car and the plastic bags smash together when the car goes around a curve... it drives me nuts.  Yes, I'm weird.

9. Why did you start blogging?

Answer: I originally started blogging to document my trip to Europe, and to recap my wedding before the details slipped from my mind.  I really like the idea of being able to look back on this blog and remember things I may have forgotten about.

10. What is the worst job you’ve ever had?

Answer: When I was 16, I worked as a cashier at Target for 4 days.  I called in on the 5th day and said "I won't be coming in.  Ever."  I hated it.  I was previously a cashier at a grocery store... I quit because Target offered me a WHOLE DOLLAR more an hour.  Needless to say, I went back to the grocery store.  More money doesn't always equal greater job satisfaction.  Lesson learned.

Now it's my turn to tag!  I'm going to pick a few blog buddies to answer my questions...

Kristen at And Now, Lights
Emily at A Leap Begins

1. If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you go?
2. What is one of your earliest memories?
3. What's your favorite recipe?
4. Warm weather or cold weather?
5. What's your weirdest habit?
6. How much time do you spend online in a day?
7. How many states have you visited?
8. If you won $20,000 cash -- how would you spend it?
9. How do you style your hair on a daily basis? 
10. Who do you look up to?

Hope to read some answers soon :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oh, Hey 2011.

Well here we are: January of a new year.  I'm honestly not looking forward to the next 3 months of frozen tundra type weather, but I'll manage.  I'll actually have an easier time getting through it knowing that in April I'll be seeing this:

Yep, we've booked the annual trip to Florida!  K and I will be flying down with our two friends, C and J, to spend a week with our Florida friend, W.

With all those letters, it's starting to look like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom up in here... especially with the palm tree picture.  (hopefully someone gets that book reference... anyone?  Bueller?). 

I'm definitely looking forward to spending some time by the beach with K and our friends!  I'm also looking forward to our one year anniversary trip in June.  Planning is still in the works... but that's a story for another post.

As for New Year's Eve... how was yours?

We had a lot of fun.  Lots of drinks...

Lots of food...

and a lot of unflattering pictures of me wearing a paper hat.  Whomp whomp.

We had a blasty-blast though!  True to form, the next morning I ate a Big Mac in under 2 minutes.  Where would we be without traditions?

10 days until I get my wisdom teeth out.  Boooo.  I've been Googling everything I can about wisdom teeth removal.  Seriously, someone needs to take the internet away from me.  I don't have a new year's resolution... but if I did, it'd probably be to stop self-diagnosing online.

Hope you guys had a nice New Year's Eve!